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 A gentle game for women of a certain age.



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Granny Basketball® League

Rules of the Game

The Official Granny Basketball Rules were thoughtfully selected and tested based on specific criteria:

The founder’s goal was to provide competitive exercise appropriate for large numbers of women, not just those who played basketball in high school and/or college.

Abbreviated Rules:

  1. A team consists of 5 or 6 women age 50 or older:  2 guards, 2 forwards and 1 or 2 centers.  The coach may play if otherwise eligible.
  2. Players wear 1920s style uniforms:  bloomers, middy blouses, and knee-high stockings.  No bare legs or upper arms may be revealed.  Infractions constitute a technical foul.
  3. The court is divided into three courts, and a player may not move out of her designated area.
  4. A game consists of four 8-minute quarters.  The clock is stopped only for time outs, free throws, and falls.
  5. There are no timelines or lane restrictions.
  6. Two dribbles are allowed per possession per player.
  7. No running or jumping, though players may “hurry” – Infractions constitute a turnover.
  8. No physical contact – Infractions constitute a foul.  Players are disqualified after three fouls.
  9. Three points are scored if a shot is underhanded.  Two points are scored for other shots.  One point is scored for free throws.
  10. If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, an additional 4-minute overtime period is played.
  11. Each team may call one time out per quarter or overtime period.

For a complete copy of the Granny Basketball® League rules, contact your team captain/coach
or email Sue Manning, Executive Director at