A gentle game for women of a certain age
Referee Information Home Page Home Page History The Granny Basketball League is always on the lookout for qualified and
interested individuals who would like to help our league by becoming a referee.
We have implemented a Granny Referee Certification program. Only Granny Certified referees are allowed to officiate our League and tournament games; standards are not as high for exhibition games or fundraisers.

If you would like more information please contact Linda Toerper
(319) 393-1110 , lindatoerper@gmail.com

Certification requirements:
1.  Obtain a recommendation from an Advisory Board Representative
2.  Pass the Granny Referee Certification test
3.  Officiate two exhibition or league games (full-length games with a Granny Certified Referee)
NOTE: Two 20 minutes scrimmages can count as one of the required games.

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