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1/31/15 - Jamboree, Cedar Rapids

1/31/15 -  Player Registration deadline

Virginia Gracious Grannies

Texas Fire Ants

Texas Old Glories

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Philosophy, Mission & Purpose

As empowered women of the 21st Century, we seek to promote a spirit of camaraderie and friendliness, a model of sportsmanship combined with enthusiastic competition. In doing so, we honor those women who came before us and set an example for those who will follow.

The Granny Basketball League was created to provide:

1. Fun, competitive exercise for women

    over the age of 50.

2. An avenue for charitable giving.

3. Wholesome, nostalgic, and sometimes     humorous entertainment.

4. Recognition for mature women

5. A method of  preserving the history of     six-on-six basketball.

Each Granny team selects a charity or non-profit cause to which they give gate receipts. Granny players, referees, scorekeepers and other staff are volunteers and do not receive compensation for their time or expenses.

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Cedar Rapids Sizzlers, 2013, 2014

Parade of State Champs, 2005-2014

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A gentle game for women of a certain age.

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